Welcome to The Cutting Shop
We provide quality work for a reasonable price.

  We have been producing parts for a wide array of industries for over 10
  years (automotive, marine, signage, electronics, motorcycle accessories,
  mining, artworks, and construction).
  Our CNC Router is capable of cutting
 aluminum, wood, foam, and all kinds of plastics.

  Our CNC Plasma table can cut up to 1/2" steel.
  We also do some Thermal Forming.
  The Cutting Shop is a job shop, meaning no job is too small.
  We offer quick turnaround for those who need a few parts quickly.
  We can help you design your project
 to ensure the best material for your application.

  Check out the other pages for some examples of our work.
  Our hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, Mountain time.
  You can reach us by phone at 208-473-4797.
  You can also e-mail us at jerryscuttingshop@gmail.com